Bibendum partners with Bottlebooks

20 July, 2016

Bibendum and its associated wine sales companies PLB and Walker & Wodehouse, has become the largest importer to date to join the Bottlebooks community.

The three companies will be able to collect accurate wine data from suppliers and share this throughout the businesses, as a result of linking up with the Bottlebooks online software platform.

Andrew Shaw, buying director for Bibendum, PLB and Walker & Wodehouse, said: “We are looking forward to developing our partnership with Bottlebooks to contribute to an industry standard for wine data exchange. Bottlebooks will drive data quality across all our teams, ultimately helping our customers be even more successful selling our products.”

And James Scott, head of business intelligence at Bibendum, PLB and Walker & Wodehouse, added: “Bottlebooks can help our suppliers store all of their information in one place, input once, yet accessible to all international partners. Having a single version of the truth around one product and supplier data will also allow us to deliver greater levels of information and content to our customers, via our product sheets, websites and apps.”

The UK wine trade was introduced to Bottlebooks as the digital directory of the London Wine Fair in May this year. It is a universal wine data solution designed to solve the challenges associated with information exchange in the wine industry. The platform, which began in 2013, allows wine businesses to exchange comprehensive product and marketing information in a standard format.

Jonathan Herclerode, co-founder and ceo of Bottlebooks, said: “Bibendum is one of the UK’s leading wine businesses and understands the challenges that all wine businesses have collecting and disseminating wine information and the unnecessary costs it creates.”

Bottlebooks works with producers, importers, event organisers and other wine professionals to identify the unique data requirements of the wine trade. 

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