Shoreditch shop offers local drinks delivery service

12 July, 2016

A drinks delivery service and shop specialising in “a regularly curated selection” of alcohol is set to open in Shoreditch this week.

Hopt, which is described as “a new drinks concept”, aims to combine craft beers, boutique spirits and wines with a fast and localised delivery service.

The store will occupy a retail space at Boxpark on Shoreditch High Street but the business aims to specialise in its delivery service, which it boasts can deliver “the newest East London gin brand or Californian craft beer to customers chilled in as little as 60 minutes”. The service will initially operate across a one mile radius.

Hopt aims to combine well-known international brands with new local talent, and it will change its selection of drinks regularly with new labels introduced every two weeks.

Co-founder Tim Deeks says the company plans to curate the store’s drinks like choosing a playlist. Each fortnight four different six-packs will be introduced, each one chosen to go with a specific setting or mood.

The packs, which are designed to appeal to Shoreditch locals, from city workers to students, include names such as:

Great With Grub, Brewmance (designed to be great for enjoying with friends), Hop Diggety! (beers to get the party started) and Smooth Hoperation (chosen to help you relax and unwind).

In addition to beer, Hopt will sell a selected range of boutique spirits and wine. Spirits will include British brands such as Bathtub Gin and the English Whisky Company, alongside premium options such as Fortaleza tequila and Diplomatico rum. 

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