Premium Polish vodka Toruńska launches in the UK

27 May, 2016

Toruńska Vodka, which was established in 1884 in Poland, has been introduced into the UK market backed by a marketing campaign.

The brand is initially being launched in Birmingham, supported by a dedicated sales and marketing strategy and a big focus on social media. Brand ambassadors have been brought on board to push the product into high-end outlets, while the vodka has also recently gain listings with independent wholesaler, Swallow Drinks.

Toruńska will be introduced to other UK cities, including London, over the next few months.

Co-founder Sunny Claire said: “Vodka is massively on trend this year driven by drinkers’ quest for new tastes, flavours and cocktails. Unlike many of the mass-produced brands, Toruńska combines history and heritage with outstanding taste. 

“We’ve worked with the distillery in Toruń to bring their best vodkas to the UK market. We’re delighted to be launching the brand at such an exciting time for the category.’ 

The vodka is described as having a smooth flavour and aroma due to the natural ingredients and the unique rectification process, which includes 180+ degree distillation and four-stage filtration.

Toruńska, which is made in the town of Toruń, is made with water drawn from local Cretaceous deposits in order to produce a pure vodka.

Toruńska Vodka is priced at £25.71 and its second variant, Toruńska Strong is £30.39. 

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