Lidl launches aggressive Claret strategy

16 July, 2014

Lidl is mounting an aggressive assault on premium wine shoppers with a £12 million campaign designed to lure Claret lovers and fans of other iconic French labels into stores.

The discounter is introducing 48 French wines priced from £4.99 up to £49.99 for a 2000 Premier Cru Hospices de Beaune from Burgundy.

The German-owned firm claims to have invested millions snapping up 5% of the current Bordeaux yield and is pumping the rest into marketing the wines to consumers across the UK.

The French promotion will start in September and go head to head with rival Aldi, which has already increased its range of more expensive lines, though it is expected to make more of a dent to supermarkets desperate to retain shoppers.

Lidlís senior buying manager Ben Hulme told OLN: ďAs always, our thinking behind this selection was to offer our customers high quality wines at reasonable prices. Plus, with the scale of this promotion, we are able to provide wines for every taste and every budget."

The company added that it was exploiting its ability to buy in economies of scale via bulk buying and strong partnerships with the suppliers and producers to negotiate this deal Ė and pass this saving onto their customersĒ.

It said it was sourcing ďhigh quality wines and selling them at prices that are lower than they would be at other retailers to offer the best value possible on these fine winesĒ.

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