Visitor numbers soar at Drinkaware website

12 April, 2013

Drinks charity Drinkaware said visits to its website received a sharp spike after a story broke suggesting Britons fail to report their true alcohol intake.

UCL academics found the amount people said they drink is heavily outweighed by the amount they actually drink.

This story prompted 21,000 consumers to log on to the Drinkaware website on the same day, to find out more about units and check their drinking.

Unique visits to surged to one of the highest levels in the last five years as the charity’s animated graphic which illustrates how many units are in popular drinks was played more than 90,000 times.
People who arrived at the site by searching for “how many units in a bottle of wine” rose 467%.

Ben Butler, dead of digital, said: “Units can be confusing and these findings highlight the importance of having clear information and simple tools to help people understand how much they drink. Last year over four million people came to to get an accurate picture of what they are drinking and support to make a change.”

The charity has re-platformed its website in early February following research showing 64% of visitors surveyed felt encouraged to cut down their drinking as a result of visiting the site.

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