Jägermeister launches ad campaign to ensure life beyond the Jägerbomb

16 November, 2012

Jägermeister is spending millions of pounds on its first national ad campaign in a bid to distance itself from the Jägerbomb.

TV and cinema ads, billboards, bus stop posters and advertising in magazines like FHM and NME will target its core customers – men aged 25-35 – with the slogans Give It A Shot and Deep Freeze, promoting the drink as an ice-cold shot.  

It represents Jägermeister’s largest-ever ad campaign in the UK, and brand owner Cellar Trends said its budget rivals the investment brands like Smirnoff and Jack Daniels have historically enjoyed.

The liqueur was created as a digestif in 1934 and enjoyed a minority following for decades, but it exploded onto the UK spirits scene a few years ago when the Jägerbomb was invented.

It is now among the top-selling liqueurs in the UK off-trade, and Cellar Trends estimates nine out of ten times it is consumed in a Jagerbomb – a shot dunked in a glass of Red Bull.

But Cellar Trends is convinced the bomb concept is a fad that will eventually die out, and it is determined to reposition Jägermeister as a drink to be enjoyed in ice-cold shots.

It would not confirm the full extent of the “multimillion pound ad campaign”, but it said it will spend £3 million on below-the-line advertising and “a significant amount” above-the-line too.

“Jägermeister has grown massively on the back of the Jägerbomb, but those sorts of drinks are novelty serves and they will be replaced by something else,” said marketing manager Nicole Goodwin.

 “We want to make sure we are out there for the long run, so we are challenging perceptions of Jägermeister and educating people about different ways of enjoying it.

“We are targeting 25 to 35-year-old males who might have enjoyed the bomb at university but are looking for something different now.

“The campaign runs with the line It Runs Deep and the idea is that you drink it with close friends – it’s not a cheap shot for shallow friendships.

“This is a first for Jägermeister in the UK and our biggest ever activity of this magnitude in this country, so it is an exciting time for the brand as we really start to connect with out core consumers and highlight the genuine, deep bonds which exist between true friends.” 

The campaign starts on November 26 and will run throughout 2013.

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