Romania trebles UK imports

22 June, 2012

Romanian wine exports to the UK nearly trebled in 2011, latest figures have revealed.

Statistics from Romania’s Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development and National Statistical Institute found that the UK accounted for 14% of the country’s wine exports in 2011, up from 5% in 2010.

A large number of new supermarket listings and increased interest in premium wines and indigenous Romanian grapes from independent and online retailers have boosted sales, according to generic body Romanian Winegrowers.

Dan Muntean, managing director of Halewood Romania, said: “The investment that members of Romanian Winegrowers have put into developing quality wine production in Romania is now starting to pay off, and is reflected in the increase in listings.  

“The trade has increased confidence in the quality of our wine, and consumers are discovering wines which exceed their expectations and fit their budget. It all points towards a very positive future for Romanian wine.” 

The country has been focusing on boosting quality, including by grubbing up poor vineyard sites.

Philip Cox, managing director of Recas Winery, said: “There is a real focus in Romania on improving the quality of our wines, both for export and domestic markets. As a result, vineyards once producing inferior table wines have been grubbed up and replanted, or they’ve been put to an alternative agricultural use. This is clearly starting to have a positive effect on the value of our exports.”

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