Frosty Jack's ads banned

13 June, 2012

Three Youtube ads for Frosty Jack’s have been banned for appealing to under-18s.

The internet videos showed a man killing a wasp with an aerosol and a lighter, a man talking about his car in a comically exaggerated way and a man parking in a disabled parking space and saying he had Tourettes Syndrome.

A member of Alcohol Concern’s youth council complained to the Advertising Standards Authority that the ads were likely to appeal to under-age drinkers because they showed people behaving in a juvenile manner.

The ASA found that the ads were juvenile, irreverent and relied on stereotyped characterisation which would particularly appeal to under-18s.

It ruled that the ads must not be shown again in their current form.

Frosty Jack’s owner Aston Manor Brewery said it had already been reviewing the videos before it heard about the complaint, and removed them from public view before the ASA ruling.

Sales and marketing director Gordon Johncox said: “The ASA acknowledges that prior to this issue being raised with them a new marketing team at Aston Manor had instigated a thorough review of all consumer communication.

“Though ongoing, that work had already identified that some material was no longer relevant and in a few isolated instances, some user-generated content was inappropriate. We are happy to adhere to the decision of the ASA. 

“We are also happy to reaffirm our commitment to uphold both the letter and spirit of all relevant codes of practice and guidance on responsible marketing and communication.”

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