Grant's releases two can pre-mixes

08 August, 2011

Canned pre-mixes of Grantís Scotch whisky with cola and with ginger are being introduced by First Drinks.

Both are being made available in 20cl cans with a 6.6% abv and an rrp of £2.

First Drinks marketing controller James Stocker said: ďRTDs are the fastest growing category in the UK off-trade Ė with RTD cans in dynamic growth, up 48% Ė so we felt this was a really important area to exploit.†

ďUntil recently, it has been other categories which have dominated the RTD market but with Grantís now entering this territory, we hope that blended whisky will really capitalise on this trend.Ē

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Is blended Scotch overshadowed by single malt in retailers?

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