IBC unveils world's top 50 beers

05 October, 2007

Judges at this year's International Beer Challenge

had to whittle down hundreds of entries to 50 champion


Judges commented on a general improvement in the standard of the beers they sampled during the first day of the International Beer Challenge.

Entries were whittled down to a list of just 75.

On a second day of judging, the super jurors - led by IBC chairman Jeff Evans - made the final cut, and picked out the medal winners in each of the 12 classes.

A full report, complete with tasting notes for all 50 winners, is scheduled to appear in a supplement next month.

Supreme Champion and Best in Class Beer above 7% abv

Deschutes The Abyss, 11%

Best in Class Ales up to 4.2% abv

Orkney Red McGregor, 4%

Best in Class Ales between 4.3% and 5.5% abv

Deschutes Bachelor ESB, 5.3%

Best in Class Ales between 5.6% and 6.9% abv

Batemans Victory Ale, 6%

Best in Class Lagers up to 4.2% abv

Atlas Latitude Highland

Pilsner, 3.9%

Best in Class Lagers between 4.3% and 5.5% abv

Monteith's New Zealand Lager, 5%

Best in Class Lagers between 5.6% and 6.9% abv

Weltenburger Asam Bock, 6.9%

Best in Class Fruit Beers

Meantime Raspberry Grand Cru, 6.5%

Best in Class Wheat Beers

Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier, 5.4%

Best in Class Stouts and Porters up to 6.9% abv

Meantime Coffee, 6%

Best in Class Dark/Black Lagers up to 6.9% abv

Samuel Adams Boston Lager, 4.9%

Best in Class Non-Alcoholic and Low Alcohol Beers

Clausthaler Classic

Other Top 50 Beers

King Cobra, 8%

Samuel Adams Triple Bock, 18%

Adnams Explorer, 5.5%

Coopers Extra Strong Vintage Ale 2006, 7.5%

Young's Bitter, 3.7%

Hook Norton Old Hooky, 4.6%

Hook Norton Twelve Days, 5.5%

Traquair 900, 9%

O'Hanlon's Thomas Hardy's Ale, 11.7%

Young's Special London Ale, 6.4%

Weihenstephaner Kristall-Weissbier, 5.4%

Young's Double Chocolate Stout, 5.2%

La Trappe Dubbel, 6.5%

Deschutes Hop Henge Imperial IPA, 8.1%

Fuller's London Pride, 4.7%

Meantime London Porter, 6.5%

Fuller's London Porter, 5.4%

Ossett Treacle Stout, 5%

Greene King Ruddles County, 4.7%

Fuller's ESB, 5.9%

Purity Pure UBU, 4.5%

Harviestoun Bitter & Twisted, 4.2%

Wadworth The Bishop's Tipple, 6.5%

Holt Sixex, 6%

Brakspear Bitter, 3.4%

Meantime Pale Ale, 4.7%

Bartram's Comrade Bill Bartram's Egalitarian Anti Imperialist Soviet Stout, 6.9%

Greene King IPA, 3.6%

Hook Norton Hooky Gold, 4.2%

Baltika N4 Original, 5.6%

Batemans Dark Lord, 5%

Holt Thunderholt, 5%

St Austell Tribute, 4.2%

Fuller's Discovery, 4.2%

Hall & Woodhouse Golden Glory, 4.5%

Deschutes Inversion IPA, 6.8%

Broughton Champion Double Ale, 5.5%

Whitewater Clotworthy Dobbin, 5%

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