New law seeks to protect Scotch

11 January, 2008

Scotch whisky is to be protected against counterfeiting and other misleading practices thanks to a new law currently under consultation.

D EFRA is asking trade bodies, distillers and distributors for their views on the proposed legislation, which aims to protect Scotch whisky around the globe.

It principally tightens up the definitions of terms such as single malt or blended grain. It also aims to give whiskies more specific geographical provenance, such as Highland or Islay, and will make it impossible for

producers to name a distillery on the label unless it is the distillery that product comes from.

Des Browne, secretary of state for Scotland, said: "Not only is Scotch whisky one of our most iconic products, it is also economically hugely significant with exports worth £2.5 billion each year.

"Once the proposed legislation is enacted, Scotch whisky, and in particular single malt Scotch whisky, will be defined by law in Scotland, the UK, the EU and nearly every export market


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