Published:  16 May, 2008

Ten years' service then forced out by franchisee

All these letters that people have been sending in saying how Threshers is so bad - well look at it this way: I've worked for Threshers for over 10 years, I've been a licence holder for many different shops. I've been left to run shops on a two-day week (all the paperwork, banking, mini-stocktakes, wages, rotas, ordering and deliveries), as I only do 16 hours as I'm a single mum of three children.

Seven months ago I had a phone call from my branch manager telling me the shop I was in has been taken off franchise, which was great. Five days later she r ang back saying the new franchisee w ould take over next week.

After talking to my branch manager about my concerns about the hours I do (two days of eight hours), she and the franchisee agreed it would not change as I have no one to look after my kids at night.

Guess what? Six months down the line I get a letter saying that my shifts are changing, I have to work Saturday night and another night in the week.

As I can't do these shifts I am having to leave.

The funny thing is, this happened a week after the franchisee found out he had to pay me sick pay and time and a quarter on Sundays.

So all I have to say to Threshers is: I gave you 10 years of my life and you repay me like this. I may not be a Threshers employee any more, but they don't give a flying spaceship what happens to their staff. So thanks a bunch - the only thing is that I will not be there to see if my letter is printed.

Upset ex-Threshers employee

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