16 May, 2008

Have vodka sales outstripped blended whisky sales in your shop?

"We sell far more vodka than blended whisky.

We now only stock one type of blended whisky,

Famous Grouse, whereas we have eight

types of vodka. Vodka is seen as a young person's drink, and more

people are drinking it, mostly because it's sold on its neutrality. People expect retailers in Scotland to sell more whisky, but we don't."

Matt Thomasson

Great Grog, Edinburgh

"Not really, although we've noticed batch production vodka sales have increased. A lot of top-end

brands are coming into the market and they're selling well, but I would be surprised if vodka overtook blended whisky ."

James Connolly

Imbibros Wine & Spirits Merchants, Godalming, Surrey

"We don't sell many blended whisk ies but our vodka sales have rocketed. We mostly sell trendy, niche brands

such as 42 Below and Skyy vodka, rather than the more

mainstream brands."

James Nixon

Corks Out, Warrington, Cheshire

"We sell a great deal of white spirits but very little brown spirits. More young people are drinking vodka because it's seen as fashionable. An attraction

is the higher alcohol

and that vodka is less expensive . Sales are down on blended whisky, and Scotch doesn't sell as much as it used to either.

It's the image

that attracts people, and I don't see anything young about the advertising for blended whisky."

Norman Glover

The Little Tipple, Long Ashton, Bristol

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Is blended Scotch overshadowed by single malt in retailers?

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