Top cop's plan could improve customer-retailer relations

27 June, 2008

My first thought on reading your story about the police chief who wants to see alcohol sold only over-the-counter was one of horror at yet more unjustified, anti-retailer propaganda from the prohibitionist lobby.

But on reflection, I'm starting to wonder if such a thing could actually be the making of the independent wine merchant.

Customers and staff would be forced into a dialogue about the products on sale and the former might finally start to realise the frequently higher levels of knowledge of the people who serve in independent stores over those of the supermarket.

The bigger stores might also be

forced to make their ranges less

attractive, because the servers

wouldn't have the time to administer customer selections from a range of 600-plus wines.

The quality independent could finally be recognised as the oasis of excellent range and service that it has long deserved.

Jock Hudson


Fingerprinting puts under-age buying in same bracket as murder

Isn't the use of fingerprint recognition technology to verify cigarette and alcohol sales (OLN, June 13) like using an H-bomb to clear a blocked drain?

When exactly did a 17-year-old buying (that's buying - not stealing, or beating a shop assistant senseless to get hold of) a couple of cans of lager become a crime in the same mould as rape or murder?

I find it quite outrageous that if my kids leave home at 18 and end up studying somewhere in Bargain Booze-land they'll be treated like an escapee from Death Row before they're allowed to buy a bottle of wine to take to a party.

Shirley Smith


Music to drink wine

by fires the imagination

Fascinating to read about the perfect music to go with wine in your latest issue. Can I get the ball rolling with an oaked Chardonnay with anything by Hot Chip and Stelvin-capped wines with nu metal?

Bob Rigg


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