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27 June, 2008

The best towns for shoppers with cars

A parking space outside the shop, a council with a positive attitude towards motorists , friendly traffic wardens - all can

mean make or break for off-licences. A

poll by Virgin Money Car Insurance has ranked the UK's 50 biggest cities and towns in terms of how they treat motorists - covering petrol prices,

cost of parking, the number of speed cameras

and the level of car crime. Scottish cities did better than English , with Dundee, Edinburgh and Aberdeen all making the top 10, while Cardiff, Nottingham and Birmingham are the most car-unfriendly cities in the UK, followed by London. Jason Wyer-Smith of Virgin Money Car Insurance said: "Every motorist will have their own complaints about their home town and its driving experience. There are bound to be drivers in Dundee who cannot believe their city is car-friendly, just as there will be people in Cardiff who love driving there. The research is an attempt to quantify what makes a town or city car-friendly and what doesn't."

Top 10 friendliest

1 Dundee

2 Blackpool

3 Ipswich

4 Portsmouth

5 Southend

=6 Edinburgh

=6 Peterborough

8 Aberdeen

9 Poole

10 Sunderland

Source: Virgin Money Car Insurance

Top 10 least friendly

1 Cardiff

2 Nottingham

3 Birmingham

4 London

5 Reading

6 Leeds

7 Oxford

8 Sheffield

9 Bolton

10 Hull

Source: Virgin Money Car Insurance

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