Should staff be allowed to watch World Cup matches?

25 June, 2010

Q Some of my team say they want time off to watch World Cup games. Surely I donít have to agree to this???A Of course you donít, although most employers have tried to adopt a flexible approach to the tournament. One survey by a human resources company found that 63% of UK companies had made some sort of contingency for staff to watch games during work time. The TUC urged employers to allow workers to enjoy key games and then make up any lost time.

In a small shop it may not be practical to have a TV on during trading hours, so it may simply be a case of arranging staff rotas to ensure that those who want to watch certain games can do so.

Be careful of any favouritism, however, which could potentially lead to claims of discrimination. If you have a Spanish sales assistant, they should have the same opportunity to watch Spain games as your English staff have to watch England.

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