09 July, 2010

I’d be tempted to take it home myself and try it, but I imagine it will be quite expensive and people could have a problem if they have to chuck away a substantial piece of packaging. The price per pint is a little bit cheaper than pubs. We do polypins which are 10 litres but have to be racked bright without sediment. The benefit of the Marston’s system is the sediment will remain in it and keep working. That will give some interest for cask ale drinkers.”?Jim Helsby?York Beer & Wine Shop?York??“I’m not sure. I’ve got the facilities to keep beer for 24 hours before I sell it anyway and I think that helps a bit. People who want cask ale around here just come and see me – perhaps there aren’t enough shops like this. There’s clearly a market for quality beer. I know some people moan about bottle-conditioned beers and having to let them settle, but these days, with most of the stuff I sell, the yeast is almost shot in so it sticks to the bottom.”?Gareth Jones?The Beer Essentials?Horsham??“It’s a good idea if they can get the flavour right. What’s on offer in supermarkets is pretty awful. People should start trying to bottle beer properly and stop trying to make it like cask beer.”?Ed Read?Bacchanalia?Cambridge? “It’s something I would definitely give a whirl. The other alternatives haven’t really worked. A lot of people like the idea of having cask ale at a party but just don’t understand the implications of letting it settle and keeping it still. We do cask beers for customers to take away but they have to come in at least two days in advance.”?Louise Smith?The Jug & Bottle?Bubwith?East Riding of Yorkshire?

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Donald Trump: the US has much to learn from history

The reasons Donald Trump should not be left in charge of a shopping trolley, let alone the keys to the White House, are plentiful and well-documented – from his use of the word “bigly” and lamentable business legacy to his dubious post-modern feminist principles, quite astonishing lack of political acumen and, most worrying of all, his bewildering hair. 

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Is blended Scotch overshadowed by single malt in retailers?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Don't know