09 March, 2007

Are you doing anything to

make your business greener


"We recycle all our cardboard boxes, shred them and put that back in our packaging. Some bottles that people return go back to Germany and Belgium, and we've got a bottle-bank outside. We re-use the boxes from anything that is sent to us from abroad. Anything that we can do, we will."

Daniel Clark

Beers of Europe, King's Lynn, Norfolk

"We're taking steps towards being greener and doing things such as selling reusable canvas bags rather than having customers use plastic carrier bags and throwing them away."

Sue Law

George Hill, Loughborough

"We're not doing anything at the moment - it takes a lot of effort to get it off the ground. The supermarkets are the ones with the big 'saving the environment' schemes."

Mohamed Musthasa

Princess, Tooting, London

" We recycle our packaging once a week. There's a lot of wastage from running an off-licence so it makes sense."

Barbara Morrow

Curley's Wine Cellar, Bangor

"It's harder for smaller businesses to be environmentally friendly. If we expanded and grew we could possibly do more, but I can't see it happening - it's hard to make a difference when you're a small shop."

Ismail Kama

CH Wine Cellar, Peterborough

"I would like to use paper bags rather than plastic ones, but I don't know how feasible it would be with heavy bottles. Some customers bring back bags so we recycle them."

Nina Ghura

Wine Etcetera, Midhurst, Sussex

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