Solution to NEW OLN crossword No 7 (Off Licence News aug 10)

23 August, 2007


money; 7 Plot;

8 Penguin; 9 Tie; 10 Spire; 11 Desert; 13 Fishes;

16 Sharp; 18 Eel; 19 Raisins; 20 Aide;

21 Sagittarius

ANSWERS DOWN: 1 Palace; 2 Cattle;

3 Expert; 4 Minus; 5 Nourish; 6 Yankees; 11 Desires; 12 Soaking; 13 Fiesta; 14 Salami; 15 Exodus; 17 Point

Winner: Tammy Talary, Moonshine Billy's, Ramsgate, Kent

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